The Role of Sustainable Fashion in 2023

2023 marks a turning point for the fashion industry. In a world where environmental awareness has become a priority, sustainable fashion emerges as a fundamental pillar, influencing not only consumer choices but also the strategic decisions of big brands.

A Change in Purchasing Behavior

With prices rising in some areas of the world due to inflation and the recession, consumers are rethinking their buying habits. The trend is clear: long-lasting and eco-friendly products are preferred. This drives companies in the fashion sector to reinvent themselves, adopting sustainable materials and production processes and aligning themselves with ESG (Sustainable Development Goals) objectives.

Attention Towards Green Fashion

A recent McKinsey survey revealed that 67% of consumers consider sustainability an essential element in the purchasing phase . This means that in 2023, consumers will be inclined to choose products that are not only durable and low cost, but also have a low environmental impact. For companies in the sector, this translates into a choice of more sustainable materials and greater transparency along the supply chains.

The Circular Economy in Fashion

The fashion industry is among the most polluting in the world. However, growing awareness of the problem has prompted young people, the primary target of fast fashion, to demand greater sustainability at every stage of the supply chain. This has led to a renewed interest in vintage, thrift shops and swap platforms. Furthermore, an emerging trend for 2023 will be "do it yourself", i.e. giving new life to already owned garments through small modifications.

Towards a Future of Fibers and Recycled Materials

Companies are already showing a shift in the direction of sustainability. Fashion brands such as H&M, Zara, Gucci and Stella McCartney are investing in alternative fibers to make sustainable fabrics and packaging. This shift towards sustainable materials and practices will not be immediate or permanent in 2023, but it represents a significant step towards a greener future.


2023 represents a crucial year for the fashion industry. As the world evolves and adapts to environmental challenges, sustainable fashion emerges as an answer, combining beauty, elegance and responsibility. And, as always, brands like Nuage, which embody the essence of craftsmanship and quality, will be at the forefront of this green revolution.